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π˜Όπ™‰ π˜Όπ™π˜Ύπ™ƒπ™„π™‘π™€ π™π™Šπ™ π™€π™‘π™€π™π™”π™Šπ™‰π™€ – π™‹π™π™Šπ™‰π™„ π™„π™‰π™π™Šπ™π™ˆπ˜Όπ™π™„π™Šπ™‰ π™Žπ™€π™Žπ™Žπ™„π™Šπ™‰

On Tuesday 9th March at 7-8pm, PRONI (Public Record Office of Northern Ireland) is holding an online session to encourage anyone from the BAME community in Northern Ireland to deposit their records with them.
β€’ They believe that the story of Northern Ireland is not a story of just any one community but it is a shared story made up of the experiences of every individual and community that calls NI home.
β€’ If you’re interested in attended, you can register your place at the below link: